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ArtPopper Welcomes Caroline Ashwood.

April 19th, 2016

ArtPopper Welcomes Caroline  Ashwood.

ArtPopper would like to welcome Caroline Ashwood to our select team of creative and talented artists.

Caroline is a full time artist from Yorkshire in England. Her studio, Soar Works is where she gets "physical with the paint and canvas".

Her work has been described as visceral and spontaneous, her painting relying entirely on her instincts. Caroline sometimes uses her hands to work the paint around the canvass surface, continually moving the artwork back and forth to keep the colours flowing.

Through her work, Caroline is constantly exploring the relationship between colour, light and form in order to discover a visceral impact in the luminance, shapes and hues of mother nature.

Welcome to ArtPopper Caroline.

Artpopper Welcomes Jayne Evans

April 15th, 2016

Artpopper Welcomes Jayne Evans

Introducing London artist Jayne Evans.

Jayne graduated in Graphic Design at Swindon College of Art and Design. She now paints from her garden studio in North London.

As a major creative influence for her work Jayne uses her subconscious mind, moving between beautiful, lyrical, dream inspired paintings and vivid, surreal, dynamic Pop Art.

Jayne is inspired by fairytales, literature, film, graphic novels and music. She is fascinated by the power of the imagination. Her mixed media paintings interpret her subconscious experiences in strong, visceral images, capturing the enchanted world of dreams and fantasy.

Welcome to ArtPopper Jayne.

ArtPopper Welcomes Lee Stuart

March 16th, 2016

ArtPopper Welcomes Lee Stuart

Lee Stuart has lived in Scotland for the last 16 years but originally from East London.

Lee has loved art & design all his life and previously did freelance artwork for T-shirts.

Following Lee's move to Scotland art became more of a hobby but he has now fallen in love with digital art.

He has a wide portfolio of unique designs and particularly likes bold colours. No design is pre-planned and each one begins with a simple shape and then it evolves wherever Lee's imagination takes him.

Welcome to ArtPopper Lee.

ArtPopper Welcomes Lynne Reeves

February 25th, 2016

ArtPopper Welcomes Lynne Reeves

Lynne Reeves is an artist who thinks outside the box. Her work is influenced by both the 70's and the psychedelia of the 60's. Lynne also loves the Art Decor style and often creates in an 'off-the wall' Folie Bergere' style.

Lynne creates using pens and crayons adding colours with anything that comes to hand. (feathers, leaves, dried acrylic paint, cosmetics, old teabags, oil, pastels, etc etc). She subtlety adds pastes and gels into the mix into a melange of creativity.

Lynne calls her style Big Colourful Hair Art, a style she discovered when doodling with her grandson.

Yes, Lynne's art is all about thinking 'outside the box'.

Welcome to ArtPopper Lynne.

ArtPopper Welcomes Emma Kaufman.

February 16th, 2016

ArtPopper Welcomes Emma Kaufman.

Emma was born in London and has a BA in both art and art history. She has also studied printmaking, mixed media, watercolor, oils and pastels. After leaving university Emma worked in a number of art galleries in London before moving to Baltimore in the United States.

Emma works with acrylic inks and in watercolour and allows the paint mingle and transform into something beautiful and up lifting.

Her inspiration comes from the natural world, particular the animals. Emma's whimsical animal art is loved by adults and children alike. Such is Emma's growing reputation she has been commissioned to illustrate a children's book.

To contact Emma please or visit her on Facebook

Welcome to ArtPopper Emma.

ARTPOPPER Welcomes Natalie Mills.

November 9th, 2015

ARTPOPPER Welcomes Natalie Mills.

ArtPopper is pleased to welcome Natalie Mills to our family of talented and creative artists.

Known by many as ‘Millsy’ Natalie is from Birmingham but she is now based in London. Natalie studied Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art, graduating in1998 with a BA Hons degree.

For Natalie art gives her a sense of freedom both creative and personal. She creates her beautiful works using bright colours, lots of experimentation and spontaneity. She also enjoys using new materials which is why her works are colourful, sparkly and fun to create. Natalie says, 'the messier the better.'

Welcome to ArtPopper, Natalie.

ArtPopper Welcomes Liza Vescia.

October 13th, 2015

ArtPopper Welcomes Liza Vescia.

ArtPopper is pleased to welcome Liza Vescia to our family of creative and talented artists.

Liza is a contemporary British painter associated with a family of Cypriot artists. Living in London Liza has become known for her painted depictions of nude women and colourful abstracts. She has held several exhibitions and her works are held in private collections both in the UK and America.

Welcome to ArtPopper Liza.

ArtPopper Welcomes Max Cisotti

October 13th, 2015

ArtPopper Welcomes Max Cisotti

ArtPopper is delighted to welcome Max Cisotti to it's select team of artists and photographers.

Max Cisotti has been taking photographs ever since 1992 and over the years he has become recognised as one of Britain's most talented photographers.

Working mainly within the UK publishing industry Max's pictures have been featured on the front pages of newspapers and magazines across the world.

Educated at the Lycée Francais Charles De Gaulle Max speaks both French and Italian.

Welcome to ArtPopper Max.

ArtPopper Welcomes Julia Everett

September 17th, 2015

ArtPopper Welcomes Julia Everett

Julia Everett is an abstract landscape painter living in West London, England. She lives close to the river Thames and this inspires a lot of her work.

Her use of vivid colours combined with the influence of music produces vibrant and dynamic paintings.

Julia graduated in Fine Art at Brighton University and has successfully exhibited in the UK, Europe and America.

Julia has also exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, London and many of her paintings are now in private collections.

Welcome to ArtPopper Julia.

Emerging Artists - Some Advice.

September 17th, 2015

Emerging Artists - Some Advice.

Here's some advice for all you emerging artists out there who keep asking me, “How do I get noticed when I'm just starting out?”


You should try everything. At least once.

Join all the online art communities and social media sites you can. Seek out open calls for emerging artists from art galleries, exhibitors and art magazines. Enter all the art competitions you can find. Exhibit your work in online exhibitions. Submit your work to your local art associations and committees.

You will learn a great deal from doing these things. You'll start to get noticed.


Pay nobody to show your work! There are so many “pay to show” art sites around nowadays. They're scams. They are not worth the time of day nor your time, your energy or hard earned money.

Don't think “maybe this is my big break” or “who knows who I might meet” or “the exposure!” The chances of any of those things happening are about as close to zero as you can get. The problem with almost all of these “pay to show” sites is that the only people who ever visit them are like you, emerging artists.

If an online gallery really wants to promote you then it's because they believe in you and can sell your work. These galleries will show your work for free.

Yes of course they take a percentage of the sale proceeds but only after your work SELLS!


Create something every day. Even if it’s just a drawing. This will keep you ‘in the groove’ and stimulate the creative part of your mind. I produce something creative every day, normally scribbles in Photoshop but at least it's something.


Try things that are outside of your comfort zone. Like painting sunsets? Try painting a pop art portrait, or something surreal or abstract. Have you always painted BIG? Then do something small. Think Fabergé egg, create small as small can go.

Finally and most importantly.

Always remember you are not like any other artist, not in style nor in technique. Appreciate what you have done so far, as an individual. Look at your progress.

Have vision. Look at your art. Look at where you are. As an artist.

Your mission? To get where you want to go. So start planning.

And that's are amazing, believe in yourself.