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Wet Art by Leigh Odom


Teaching by Leigh Odom


No Fate by Leigh Odom


First by Leigh Odom


Eddie by Robert Haldeman


Abraham Lincoln by Robert Haldeman


Woman by Robert Haldeman


Johnny Rotten by Robert Haldeman


Fiery Lady by Michael Wheeler


Proud Irish by Robert Haldeman


Babe Ruth by Robert Haldeman


Ali RIP by Robert Haldeman


Woman by Lee Stuart


Embrace by Liza vescia


Fearless by Natalie Mills


Abstract Sunset by Liza Vescia


Peacock by Lee Stuart


Dreaming by Natalie Mills


Blackbird Number One by Liza Vescia


Blue Jazz by Liza Vescia


Music by Liza Vescia


Green Day by Robert Haldeman


Jim Morrison by Robert Haldeman


Blondie by Robert Haldeman


Marilyn Monroe Made In America by Robert Haldeman


Lady Nude by Liza Vescia


Beyond the Dream by Liza Vescia


Flamenco by Liza Vescia


Lady Feminite by Liza Vescia


Pop King by Liza Vescia


Eyes by Mike D W


RIP Prince by Mike D W


Willy Fritsch by Lee Stuart


Pop Art Queen by Mike D W


TuPac by Robert Haldeman


Brigitte Bardot by Robert Haldeman


Dance Class by Liza Vescia


Love Shy by Liza Vescia


Kiss by Liza Vescia


Golden Music by Liza Vescia


Castle by Liza Vescia


Venice by Liza Vescia


Abstract red by Liza Vescia


Something In The Night by Julia Everett


Fiore Della Vita by Liza vescia


Distance Close Up by Natalie Mills


Summer Peony by Caroline Ashwood


Sunset and Sea by Caroline Ashwood