ArtPopper Welcomes Lynne Reeves

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ArtPopper Welcomes Lynne Reeves

Lynne Reeves is an artist who thinks outside the box. Her work is influenced by both the 70's and the psychedelia of the 60's. Lynne also loves the Art Decor style and often creates in an 'off-the wall' Folie Bergere' style.

Lynne creates using pens and crayons adding colours with anything that comes to hand. (feathers, leaves, dried acrylic paint, cosmetics, old teabags, oil, pastels, etc etc). She subtlety adds pastes and gels into the mix into a melange of creativity.

Lynne calls her style Big Colourful Hair Art, a style she discovered when doodling with her grandson.

Yes, Lynne's art is all about thinking 'outside the box'.

Welcome to ArtPopper Lynne.